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What is the Cardano Series?

The Cardano Series is a collection of hand drawn illustrations of historical, mythological and contemporary figures who inspired, influenced or directly contributed to the creation of the Cardano Blockchain.


What is the utility of holding genesis series 1 & 2?

By holding any of the NFTs from the Genesis Series 1 & 2 you will receive access to future airdrops like our upcoming 10K PFP collection based on The Cardano Series. See our Roadmap for more details.

Where can I buy series 1 NFTs?

You can purchase Cardano Series 1 NFTs on the secondary market at JPG.Store.

How can I keep up-to-Date with project developments?

Follow us on Twitter for all the latest Cardano Series news. We don't use Discord.

Have a question?

DM us on Twitter or shoot us an email.

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