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Cardano Series 2

A series of 11 hand drawn illustrations depicting the people who inspired, contributed or influenced the creation of the Cardano blockchain. The Cardano Series 2 NFTs will be considered a part of our genesis collection which will entitle holders to future airdrops and other benefits. This series is limited to 30 NFTs per illustration. 75 Ada each.
Series 2 includes: Vasil Dabov, Joseph Goguen, Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, Alonzo Church, Matsuo Basho, Duncan Coutts, Allegra Byron, Satoshi Nakamoto, Ben Goertzel and Alex Chepurnoy.

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Free claim for Cardano Series 1 & 2 Holders.
Available for claim after Series 2 sale is complete.

Dimensions (1500px x 500px)
The Cardano Series - Mount Rushmore.jpg
Mt. Rushmore
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